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Funeral Pre-Planning

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Funeral Pre-Planning

In many cases, discussing one's own funeral and the planning that goes with it, is a very difficult thing to talk about and put down on paper, understandably so. But in the vast majority of cases, when the pre-planning process is complete, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have eased this burden for your loved ones. Furthermore, by putting your ideas in writing, your family will know your true wishes. It also gives you and your loved ones the time to organize important information, instead of having to do this at the time of death, when their thoughts are not always clear. This booklet is designed to assist you and your family with compiling pertinent information such as vital statistic facts, obituary information, your funeral preferences, and some financial information. We hope this booklet will help you and your loved ones take the time to think over your ideas and feelings regarding your particular funeral service, the many decisions that go into planning a funeral, and the details that are to be taken care of after a funeral has taken place.

Please download and keep this booklet in a place where it is easily accessible to anyone that will need it, and let your family know where it will be. We would be glad to keep it on file at the funeral home if you so desire, with its contents kept confidential, and it is yours to have back at your request.

If you wish to come to the funeral home to discuss this or pre-plan your funeral, please let us know. At that time, if you so desire, you can look at our selection of caskets, burial vaults, and other merchandise that we have available. We can also discuss funeral-funding options if you wish. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call.

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